Symmetry Festival – 2019

24-28 July 2019, Karlsruhe

The World’s Largest
Multidisciplinary Conference & Art Festival
in Symmetry Studies

under the auspices of the
International Symmetry Association

Hosted by the

Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
video introduction
in cooperation with the

Bauhaus 100 anniversary
Bauhaus (1919-1933)

Contact persons:
on behalf of ISA: Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya
on behalf of the ZKM: Wolfgang Knapp

Welcome to Karlsruhe (video, 4:48 min)
Karlsruhe, a symmetric city  (video, 5:23 min)

Confirmed Keynote and Plenary speakers:
Siglind Bruhn (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) “The Correspondence of the Arts at the Launch of Modernism: 
     Paul Verlaine’s Manifesto in Claude Debussy’s Music
Lynn Gamwell (School of Visual Arts, New York) Mathematics + Art: A Cultural History
Chaim Goodman-Strauss (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville) “Orbifolds and symmetries”;
Matthew He (Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) bioinformatics;
Reiko Kuroda (University of Tokyo) molecular chirality;
Sergey Petoukhov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) algebra of the genetic code;

Join the Symmetry Festival 2019, July 24-28!

Peter Weibel
Artist, curator and theoretician
Director of the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
invitation (2016) (video 6:42 min)

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