Art program series – 2016



Two concerts in 5 parts 19-20 July.

Concert Hall of the Collegium Hungaricum Vienna (Hollandstraße 4, 1020   Wien, Metro: Schwedenplatz)






1 Non-Euclidean Geometries – Reflected in the Arts

UngArt Gallery of the Collegium Hungaricum Vienna (Hollandstraße 4, 1020   Wien, Metro: Schwedenplatz)

Curators: Zsuzsa Dárdai and János Saxon-Szász

Opening: László Beke, art historian (Budapest) and Richard Kriesche, media artist (Graz) in dialogue

Exhibition by invited artworks

The world celebrates the centenary of the General Theory of Relativity in 2016. The actuality of the exhibition is that GTR was the first theory which applied non-Euclidean geometry in one of the sciences. That application gave an impetus to the further development of geometry, physics, other exact sciences and, of course, inspired artists. The exhibition presents a look inside, how are these developments reflected in the arts after a century.

2 Symmetries in the arts

You are encouraged to submit your work(s). Preference is given to artworks that represent (combinations of) several appearances of symmetry. The curatorial team will make a selection among the submitted proposals to display at the Symmetry Festival. 

3 Origami

You are free to submit your folding(s) that represent certain kind of symmetry. There are welcome technological applications of origami, not only paper folding.

4 Educational aids

You are encouraged to display and present any model, tool, video, any kind of teaching aid that is developed and used to make pupils, students and the public acquainted with the interdisciplinary application of symmetry phenomena and methods in the sciences and the arts.

5 Book exhibition

Any kind of publication is welcome to be displayed in the registration area of the Festival’s conference.