Featured programs – 2013

(1) Symmetry and Water Day (August 3)

(Inanimate – Organic – Artificial)

Programs on water and climate
dedicated to the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, 2013, led by UNESCO.
Keynote speaker on water: G. Pollack (University of Washington, Seattle)
View G. Pollack’s plenary lecture on the theme at the previous Symmetry Festival!
Watch children’s art exhibition “Sealife” in the Jardin Gallery by D. and J. Hiigli.
Downloadable program of the Jardin Gallery

Call to Artists at age 1-18 years

Water – Life – Construction – Climate

(2) 4 days (August 2, 5, 6 and 7) dedicated to specific aspects of symmetry in science and arts, techNology and design, mathematics and humanities ,

and whatever else you propose and deserves the interest of other attendees, including all aspects of symmetry in any discipline and art.

Program to be specified later.

See Call for Papers and Workshop proposals below!
Multidisciplinary approach is appreciated.

Keynote speakers: Nobel laureates G. ‘t Hooft and H. Kroto

Plenary speakers: Horváth, D.; Huybers, P.; Miyazaki, K.; Shinitzky, M.; …
(the list will be completed soon)

Symmetry / Asymmetry – Harmony / Disharmony – Links between science-art-technology – Construction – Interpretation and Representation

(3) Family day

this day includes the community programs.
(August 4)

(4) Excursion day

Museum visits, etc. … (August 4)

(5) Exhibitions, performances

Every day (August 2-7)