Dear colleagues and friends in symmetry studies and applications

In the last two years one can hardly try to plan something for the near future. I thank all in person and online participants in the Symmetry Festival 2021, which was held in Sofia. We are looking forward to the next Symmetry Meeting, which will be probably held in Pécs, Hungary, in 2023 after the official approval by the ISA Board. I hope most of us shall be able to attend in person by then. The next year is declared by UNESCO as an International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development ( with a lot of scientific and technical partners and supporters. Symmetry is a universal principle, as well as a way of thinking and a way of life! It has no borders for sciences, arts and innovations!

I take the chance to wish you all a healthy and prosperous Happy New 2022 Year!

Ruslan I. Kostov
International Symmetry Association, CEO

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