Music and Symmetry (Part 1)

Chair: Konstantin Zenkin
Ivan V. Stepanyan: Bioinformatic Model Of Musical Hearing Improvement And Activation Of The Auditory Analyzer – 00:00-19:04
Ivan S. Soshinsky: Notation of Genetic Music for Classical and Encoding Instruments. Symmetric Substructures In Genetic Modes – 19:04-37:14
Sergey V. Petoukhov, E. S. Petukhova: Resonances, Walsh Functions And Logical Holography in Genetics and Musicology – 37:14-01:01:10
David Banney and Giuseppe Caglioti (read by K. Zenkin): Symmetry Reduction and Ambiguity in Music – 01:01:10-01:14:50

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