Chairs: Kristóf Fenyvesi and Noah Dana-Picard
Noah Dana-Picard: A Glimpse at Mathematics in Jewish Traditional Artefacts – 00:00-35:39
Larry Gould: The Sound in Music – From Symmetrical Substructures to the Sound of Music – 35:39-01:04:51
Hans Walser: Puzzles and Dissections – 01:04:51-01:22:31
Natalija Budinski: Оrigami – An Educational Bridge Between the Mathematics and Art – 01:22:31-01:48:52
Kristóf FenyvesiDiego Lieban: Connecting Hands-on and Digital Problem Solving in Symmetry Education – 4D Frame and Geogebra in Experience Workshop’s Geodesic Dome Construction – 01:48:52-02:14:41

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