Videos Symmetry Festival 2013 – Delft, The Netherlands

Suprematism100 – It’s Influence on the West
fine art exhibition
curators: Zs. Dárdai and J. Saxon-Szász
The exhibition opened by L. Beke, 2, August 2013


Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht University, Nobel laureate in Physics, 1999):
Symmetries in Elementary Particle Physics


Dezső Horváth (CERN, CMS, Genéve; and Wigner Physics Centre, Hungary):
Hunting the Higgs-boson
is it found at LHC?


Harry Kroto (Florida State University and University of Sussex, Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 1996):
Symmetry and Broken Symmetry…
There Ain’t Nuthin Else!


Koji Miyazaki (Kyoto):
Graphic Representations of Multidimensional Quadratic Hyperstructures


Kristóf Fenyvesi (University of Jyväskylä):
Symmetries in the Schools
Symmetries in the Schools, in the Exhibition Halls and Out in the Open-air:
the Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement in Symmetry Education


Paul Hildebrandt (Zometool Inc., USA):
Hands-on Symmetry Using Zometool


Wolfgang Hornfeck (Institut für Materialphysik im Weltraum, Köln):
A Permutation Approach to Crystal Structures
In memoriam Arthur L. Loeb


David Banney (University of Newcastle, Australia):
Crystallising Wagner
Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in the Tristan Prelude


Pieter Huybers (Delft, Structural Morphology Group):
The Roundness of Polyhedra


Carlo Sequin (U. C. Berkeley, CA):
Symmetrical Immersions of Low-genus Non-orientable Regular Maps


Gerard Pollack (University of Washington, USA):
The Fourth Phase of Water – Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor


Meir Shinitzky (Weizmann Insitute, Israel):
Global asymmetry of space and time


György Darvas (Symmetrion, Hungary):
A Symmetric Adventure Beyond the Standard Model
Isotopic Field-Charge Spin Conservation in the Electromagnetic Interaction