Registration process – 2016

First fill out your application data for registration purposes in our file. Fields marked with a * are mandatory to fill!

Registration form.

If you would like to have an invoice on the registration fee to your company, please fill in all company details on the registration form!

Do not forget that without paying the fee your registration is invalid!

If you are entitled to pay a reduced fee, please remember that you must provide appropriate documentary evidence. Students should provide a copy of their valid student ID card together with their registration form. Please send all documentary evidence to:

Note, it is the sole responsibility of the registrant to obtain a valid visa prior to departure from his/her country.
The festival organisers accept no responsibility or liability for incidents occurring before, during, or after congress activities. Registrants should ensure they have adequate insurance.

In registering for the Symmetry Festival events, delegates grant permission to the organisers to take and to have free and full use of video/photographs containing their image / likeness. It is understood that these images may be used for promotional, news, online multimedia, research and/or educational purposes by and for the Symmetry Festival and the organizers. Should a delegate disagree with the above image release, they must advise the festival organizers by e‐mail at