Method of online payment – 2013

You may online pay your registration fee for Symmetry Festival and subscription (to be launched later) to publications of the Symmetrion through this website.

Technical requirements for on-line payment by credit card:

  • Live internet connection
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome browser
  • In browsers: Javascript must be enabled.

Registration and payment step by step

  • After filling out the registration form, click on the “Submit” button!
  • On the next page, check the information and if more than one person is registered, enter their name and click on the button “Confirmed”! By clicking the button you confirm that you read and accepted the conditions of the online transactions.
  • When you clicked the “Confirmed” button, the system redirects you to the server of the K&H Bank.
    Please, note that we do not see and cannot record your card data: during the payment procedure, as soon as you click the “Confirmed” button, you are redirected to K&H Bank, Budapest server. After the transaction has been completed, the bank automatically redirects you to our website. Safety of your payment by your bank card is secured by the K&H Bank with 128 bit SSL encryption during the procedure. So the data given by you reach the bank in encrypted form and no unauthorised persons can interpret them.
  • Fill out the boxes for the payment transaction for the bank and follow the instructions!

K&H Bank accepts MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, JCB type bank cards. Bank cards authorized only for electronic transactions are only accepted if the usage of the card is authorized for this purpose by the issuing bank for that card. Please inquire at your bank whether your card can be used for internet shopping.

After the transaction is completed you will receive a confirmation email, sent to the email address on your application or order form. Please, save this information, together with the transaction authorization number, issued by the bank. After you paid for your orders, you may cancel according to the cancellation policy (see).

After the successful transfer the system makes available a downloadable PDF invoice. Please, save this receipt.

Before starting the transaction, please, have your card on hand. For the payment you will need to submit the following data:

  • Name as printed on your card;
  • Card number: the 13-19 digit number in the front side of your card;
  • Expiration date in the front side of your card in the format mm/yy;
  • Code of validation (CVV2 or CVC2): the last three digits of the number on the back side of the card, right to the signature; (If your card does not contain such code, please, leave blank the corresponding field in the payment page.)

If you have not received a message confirming the transaction in an hour, please, do not repeat the transaction! Send an e-mail to the address of the Symmetrion. The success of the transaction does not depend necessarily on the receipt of the confirmation message. It could be caused by a communication error as well. Please, connect us the same way when any problem arises during the transaction.

The confirmation message may contain information whether the transaction succeeded or aborted (perhaps with the identification of the cause).